Transcription is the process of matching the sounds of human speech to written symbols using a set of standard rules, so that these sounds can be reproduced later.

In a more specialized sense, transcription is a system of writing the sounds of a word in one language using the script of the same language or another language. Any reader of the former or latter language should be able to pronounce the transcribed word correctly.

Folio TS prides itself in providing fast and reliable transcription services in any language. With hundreds of transcribers chosen for their linguistic skills and areas of expertise we specialize in academic transcriptions, business meetings, commercial, conference calls, dictation, focus groups, interviews, lectures, legal, medical, panel discussions, press briefings, radio shows, seminars, technical and as well as projects for Film, TV, and radio.

Once Transcription is completed, utilizing our translation service, transcripts can then be provided in several languages.

We offer language transcription services for almost any audio format. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, efficiency, and affordability and we are so convinced that you will find our transcription service to be the most reliable and affordable anywhere, as we guarantee your satisfaction.

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